Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines Summary

A shocking job loss will force Renee to remember the beauty of new beginnings.

Summers at Whispering Pines defined Renee's childhood. Days meant swimming and sun. Nights meant ghost stories and campfires. Best of all, Whispering Pines meant time with Celia, her favorite aunt. Through the years, Celia would remain Renee's most steadfast confidant, but trips to Whispering Pines would fade to memories. Raising kids alone and a demanding career consumed Renee's life.

Now Celia is gone and Renee's career is in shambles. Promising herself she'll look for a new job in January, Renee is determined to make the most of her unexpected time off. But when mysterious events begin to swirl around her kids, her worries compound.

A spontaneous trip, meant to lessen the growing pressures and soothe Renee's battered pride, could turn out to be so much more when she finds herself alone on a moonlit beach, half-a-world away, with a handsome stranger.

How can Renee keep her family safe as she works to rebuild their lives? Does she dare take another chance at love?

Celia's final gift may provide answers, but there are risks. Renee wishes she could seek comfort and advice from her dear aunt, but Celia's recent death has left a void. Why can't things be simple, the way they were when she spent her summers at Whispering Pines?

Whispering Pines, the first book in Kimberly Diede's uplifting Celia's Gifts series, will introduce you to a special place and a remarkable family.

Discover how Celia's legacy can live on if her family is willing to seize the opportunities she leaves to each of them.

Book Reviews


Great read!5 star

So nice to read something positive and encouraging about more mature (older) characters especially women. Loved the physical descriptions of Whispering Pines and exotic Fiji along with the developing love story. Can’t wait to read more about Aunt Celia’s legacy!55


Yay! A Mid-Life Story5 star

Can’t wait to continue this series. So many questions unanswered. This book was fantastic!55

Lee's Summit

Whispering Pines5 star

I really enjoyed reading Whispering Pines. I think we all can remember childhood family vacations and have great memories from them. This is the first novel I have read of Kimberly Diede and I loved how the story flowed and moved quickly through Renee’s life and experiences. I can’t wait to read the next one. Karen55


Great read!5 star

Loved this book. Look forward to read more by the author.55


Pleasant Read4 star

Somewhat more detailed than I was comfortable with. Especially the intimate details of the main characters sex life. Otherwise, a fairly good read.45


Amazing book!!!5 star

I was hooked after the first page of this book it’s so amazing!!55


Enjoyed the Read4 star

Although I enjoyed the read it was a little too “sappy.” I’ll give the next book a try. CynPSam45

907 Grandma

Outstanding5 star

Truly enjoyed this story. A woman with decisions to make n her mid-life. Just enough intrigue and romance to enjoy. Loved the thought processes as Renee faces life with all its messiness.55


Whispering Pines1 star

Too much foul language to be a good family read. Could easily have left out the love scenes. The writer seems rather talented to have such a limited vocabulary and think that her readers need the graphic descriptions of love scenes.15


😊4 star

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in just a few days as I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.45

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