Candy Wrappers: A Story for Very Young Children

Candy Wrappers: A Story for Very Young Children Summary

This free 657-word story uses humor to teach young children not to litter.

Book Reviews


Idk4 star

Really good book but I don't think 5 starts a small tad boring in the beggining but otherwise I really liked it45


Candy wrappers : a book for very young children5 star

It sets a very Good example for kids.55

Goof's Opinion

I am glad I didn't pay for this!1 star

I found this to be incredibly boring. I actually went back to double check to make sure it was free! I am relieved!15


Cool5 star

It is a cool book55

Good candy

Candy rappers3 star

This book was aright it wasn't terrible but it was ok. It did not have much character in it. It was not very detailed. It could have been longer and worth more AR points.I mean those books easyAR points. But your book was alright. Next time u right a book make it easier to understand and better cause no affiance that was poo.35


Candy wrapers5 star

This is a very good book! I like it a lot. It had a nice message55

Shoe sizzle ow

Well1 star

This book is very bad and doesn't teach me about not littering.15

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