Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller Summary

The plot centers around a Europeanized American man named Winterbourne, who meets a nouveau riche American woman going by the name Daisy Miller. A short novel, James wields the sword of fiction to craft a "study" of the roles of men and women, social relationships, cultural intersection, the allure of money, foolishness and wisdom, the responsibilities of parents, and the impact of one's life upon others.

Book Reviews


Bit Haunting5 star

Without giving much away, the tragic elements of this story I found both moving and kinda haunting. I can’t name any even remotely romantic books I’ve liked, but I found this one pulling at my heart strings, and coming back into memory here and there.55


English book3 star

I read this as an English book and it’s actually one of the vary few book I actually enjoyed reading.35


Pretty good4 star

The story is pretty much long, and you will start to understand Daisy’s motives in Part 2. In the story, you will compare the social classes with their personalities/perspectives towards each other. Plus the “society “ is most often mentioned in the story. Overall it was pretty good detailed story.45


Timeless5 star

Miller captures the quintessential "American girl" in Europe!55


A good story:4 star

Not dated still--like Gatsby. I can even forgive James his narrative intrusions ('dear reader').45

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