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In this enduring Victorian classic written in 1876, two stories weave in and out of each other: The first is about Gwendolen, one of Eliot's finest creations, who grows from a self-centered young beauty to a thoughtful adult with an expanded vision of the world around her. The second is about Daniel Deronda, adopted son of an aristocratic Englishman who becomes fascinated with Jewish traditions when he meets an ailing Jewish philosopher named Mordecai and his sensitive sister, Mirah.

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Only title page is wrong5 star

It *is* Daniel Deronda. Only title page is wrong55

Jane Austen knitter

This is still not Daniel Deronda1 star

As a reviewer in 2015 noted, the ebook associated with this entry is not Daniel Deronda.15

Eliot Enthusiast

Daniel Deronda?2 star

While I would love to rate this book more highly, I'm afraid this digital version is not Daniel Deronda. Instead when I open this version, I am greeted with George Allan England's Darkness and Dawn.25

RaSarah's Dad

Daniel Deronda5 star

I read the book in the context of a seminar on Herzl. Although professed not to have read or even known about this novel, it is of interest that George Eliott's fiction predicted arguments that the real Herzl would make several years later. While the story seems long by current standards, the author shows remarkable sensitivity to shades of feeling, ambivalence, ambiguity, and uncertainty in the course of developing relationships. The plot is relatively predictable, although a bit complex, but the characters are drawn with exquisite accuracy. I enjoyed it.55

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