Emily Button and Friends

Emily Button and Friends Summary

Meet Emily Button – a real, live ragdoll made from vintage style fabrics, buttons and ribbons. She LOVES to collect things, which she puts in her pocket – from a piece of string, to a shiny shell – ready for her next adventure. She lives in a sewing box with Bobble her cat and Mousey the mouse. They are all the best of friends.
Bobble is made from an old woolly hat. He always wants to help, but because he has cloth ears, sometimes he doesn't quite get it right! Bobble usually gets in a muddle and his friend Mousey the mouse needs to help him when he gets tangled up.
Mousey the mouse is made from a scrap of old fabric with a knotted ribbon for a tail. She is mischievous and often naps in the strangest of places! Together they all work as a team – with the help of Emily Button's pocket full of bits and bobs.

Emily Button is an adventurous rag doll with traditional values in a modern, make-believe world. She solves day-to-day problems through play, creativity, and with a little help from her friends.

Emily Button’s world brings a new adventure every day. Bad luck always turns good and wrong things turn out right.  It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, or even if you’re made out of rags: a little imagination and a useful pocket of bits and bobs can work wonders.
Emily Button has been created for Pre-School Children and is great for Parents, Grand Parents and big Brothers & Sisters to get involved to share in Emily Button's adventures.

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