Emily Button Helps at the Fair

Emily Button Helps at the Fair Summary

Emily Button is a real, live rag doll made from vintage style fabrics, buttons and ribbons. She LOVES to collect things, which she puts in her pocket – from a piece of string, to a shiny shell – ready for her next adventure. She lives in a sewing box with Bobble her cat and Mousey the mouse. They are all the best of friends.

Every day brings a new adventure for Emily Button and her friends. Bobble the cat and Mousey the mouse. In Emily's world bad luck always turns to good luck and wrong things turn out right. No matter how sticky the situation, a little imagination - and a useful pocket of bits and bobs - can work wonders.

In this story, Emily, Bobble and Mousey the mouse help at the local fair and save it from potential disaster.

What's in your pocket Emily Button?

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