Golem Attack

Golem Attack Summary

Steve is busy building his amazing new mansion, when it's blasted away by a mysterious entity that isn't even supposed to exist! Struggling to even understand what just happened to him, Steve must secure the assistance of rare and hard to find golems to aid in defeating the new threat and help save their world from ultimate destruction!

This is the first book in The Mastercreeper Plan Series. The other books are Revenge of the Master and Last Stand of the Master.

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And More coming soon!

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Book Reviews

Derk a der

Best ever5 star

This was one of the best books that I have ever read55


Glen attack1 star

Pretty good👍15


Cool book5 star

This book was awesome someone should give the author an award55


Love it5 star

The best55


Golem attack5 star

Ounce open a time Steve went mining the all the golems started attacking him and didn't know what to do then he knew what to do and attacked bake and found diamonds the end.55

Jaxmaster 2015

Golem Attack5 star

Super Awesome!!!!!!55


So sucy horible5 star

Imhate thas serias:-( it relly sucs bad. Nevar mak a minecraft bok agein. It wold mak my day if u wold listan to me55

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