How to Snag a Shifter

How to Snag a Shifter Summary

Fantastic…I just found out my destiny is linked to a clueless shifter. 

Just my luck the shifter doesn't even know she's part of the paranormal world. Thanks to my loser of a dad divorcing my mother, a high priestess, I moved from Brooklyn New York and now live in Los Angeles which means I'm starting a new high school in my senior year. Fabulous. As if that's not enough to handle, I find myself facing a major distraction—a super hot werewolf that can't keep his paws off me. And while I summon my fledgling magic to win over the shifter, I learn her friendship comes at a steep price—the shifter has a scary enemy who wants her dead.

Will my rookie witch powers be enough to save my new friend? 

Find out in How to Snag a Shifter, book one of the Book of Brooklyn Series by author Karin De Havin! 

If you enjoy young adult paranormal romance stories that are filled with magic and adventure that keeps you turning the pages, then one-click for your copy of How to Snag a Shifter today!

**For more paranormal romance adventures The Shifter Vampire Alliance Series takes place in the same world as The Book of Brooklyn Series.**

Book Reviews


How to snag a shifter5 star

Wonderful book you will love it too55

It's me19

Ehhhh3 star

I really wanted to like this book, I really did. I like a lot of different aspects of the book but the MC seems kind of selfish and self-centered and the way it ended was so strange! I felt like it ended out of nowhere but I probably won’t be reading the second book in the series35


Must read.4 star

Very enjoyable read. Plot of storyline runs smoothly and I couldn’t stop reading, before I knew it I was done with reading the book.45


Awesome Book!5 star

Hey I’m not even done with this book I’m on page 28 but so far I love it, & I will be back when I’m finish to give you my summary💞.55

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