Jokes for Funny Kids

Jokes for Funny Kids Summary

Are you the funniest kid around?

Or do you want to make your friends laugh? With Jokes for Funny Kids, you learn the top jokes that all smart and funny kids should know. For example, “what do you get when you shake a cow?” Or, “How do you catch a squirrel?” You’re about to find out.

This book is an easy 20 page read, designed for kids ages 4-8. If you're a parent, this book is perfect if you want your children to start reading.

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Book Reviews

BenjaminAK Panda kid.

Dumb, stupid, book: RIDICULOUS1 star

These jokes are not funny because they don’t have a lot of things in it that make people feel like laughing. The reason why it’s free is because if it was three dollars, and someone bought it for just RIDICULOUS jokes that ain’t funny, there gonna wright a review that says: “ Do NOT buy this because It’s full of bogus jokes that you should have not have read. PERIOD!! 😤15


Not the best2 star

Not a lot of good jokes my little sis know all the joke only one made me laugh25


Great jokes4 star

Just wish there were more jokes45


Review5 star

I actually loved it .it is a amazing book and my kids also loved it and actually laughed for the first time in a book.55


Wow.3 star

I really liked the jokes!😂 there was like six jokes then the boom was over. I think there would be more. 👍35

The CRINGE SQUAD!!!!!!!!😂😜

AMAZING BOOK!!!!!📚😂📖😜5 star

This book is sooo funny and CRINGY I read it once and then I became addicted to it!!!!! HaHaHa55


Review5 star



It was ok.2 star

It was alright.25


Friends heard these before1 star

I was just sampling this book and all the jokes are ones I’ve heard before and I know my friends have also.15

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