Little Men

Little Men Summary

It tells the story of Jo Bhaer and the children at Plumfield Estate School. It was inspired by the death of Alcott's brother-in-law, which reveals itself in one of the last chapters, when a beloved character from Little Women passes away.

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Excellent5 star

Little Women had me captivated. I could not take my eyes off it. When I finished the book, it was heartbreaking. I assume everyone reviewing knows how long it is. I didn’t want to read the WHOLE thing again! Someone told me there were two sequels, so I decided to read Little Men. Thank you so much Louisa May Alcott! Amazing book- I give it five out of five, one hundred out of one hundred ! It’s so amazing!55

Pity patty

Little Men5 star

The editors and proof readers have marred this lovely pice of Americana by leaving out words, putting words in wrong spots, and writing words with only half the proper letters. The book itself is still the lovely story I have read for past fifty-eight years!55

Candy Arenas

Little Men5 star

Wow!!! This book is a sequel to Little Women. I dearly enjoyed this story; part 2 very much. I loved how the people in the previous story were portrayed so well in this second story. I love the new characters as well that were added in this book, too. I do recommend this story to anyone who really enjoyed reading the first book; Little Women. I really loved this second story so much. Great book.55

Fa ith18

Excellent!5 star

A very good book.I loved it.It is as good as Little Women.55


Little Men5 star

I think I enjoyed this book as much as grandmother of eight (six of them boys) as I did when I was ten . I have been rereading all of the Alcott books.55

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