Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows Summary

Orphaned. Abducted. Programmed. Emily won’t be a test specimen too.

When Emily Brelin was five years old, a rogue general murdered her parents and abducted her. He forced her into combat training and groomed her to be a teen spy, expecting her to one day become a female assassin.

After prolonged mental and physical abuse, Emily’s genetic structure changed. New abilities emerged, but she hid them from the general. Fearing she’d be experimented on, Emily escaped and fled across the globe to New York’s largest metropolitan area, Golden City. There, she met a sympathetic professor who offered the teen a new home, a new identity, and a new start.

The professor protected Emily’s secrets, until cancer intervened. On her deathbed, she made Emily promise to meet her best friend, a female detective who could keep the teen safe.

Now, despite reservations, Emily is racing to complete her vow. But the general wants his prized teen weapon back. He’s hunting Emily—and her cover is unraveling.

Detective Vick Tacket is shocked when she learns her best friend died. She’s more stunned to learn the professor had a hidden dependent and named Vick—a single women with no maternal interest—as the teen’s new guardian. But when the mysterious girl disappears, Vick scours the streets of Golden City, searching for the missing teen.

What she discovers could get them both killed.

Out of the Shadows is approximately 160 pages. It jump-starts a fast-paced, 7-book series, The Tacket Secret.

One enhanced teen. One intense detective. Multiplying trouble. – A science fiction, action adventure series for teens and adults.

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