Princess Diadora: Just an Ordinary Ballerina

Princess Diadora: Just an Ordinary Ballerina Summary

Princess Diadora is a young girl who is growing up sweet, kind, and fun like any other young kid.  She is a regular young girl that any kid would be able to relate to.  This children's book is the second book in the Princess Diadora series.  In this book, the princess who loves learning ballet must deal with her mother's decision for her to take privileged ballet lessons.  Look out for more books from this continuing series.

Book Reviews

Chern Koh

Diadora5 star

This book has the five ws55

Beast mode 22

Great5 star

It is great for my daughters gaining reading skills and she and her other little girl friend love the setting of princesses doing ballet.55


prinecess diadora5 star

i love it55

Maci gamer

Princess Diadora :Just an Ordinary ballerin5 star

I like it! It was a cool book. This book is mainly a little ballet girl book.55


Belen5 star


Ann Reifsteck

Beautiful4 star

I enjoy reading and also was kind of awesome45

Aman amsiojjn

Princess diadora just an ordinary ballerina5 star

I like it is a wonderful book55

My world is the sky

Ballet princess5 star

I like ballet. Just like princess Darren . She used to take regular class .Until her mother put her in privite school.55

Chomi & Isabella

Princess Diadora5 star

I am 6years old and I like it55

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