Teddy's Many Hats

Teddy's Many Hats Summary

Teddy was Edwardโ€™s favourite playmate.

Being a stuffed toy, Teddy was not free to change his clothes. Therefore, when Teddy wanted to dress up, he simply swapped his hat. Teddy had such a large number of hats: hats for watching Edward go fishing, hats for exploring in the garden, hats for playing with Edwardโ€™s building blocks and many more hats too! However, when Teddy decided he wanted to tell Edward how much he loved him, he wondered which hat he should wear.

Teddy looked in the toy cupboard and found his thinking hat. He sat in the playroom and pondered upon this important question: which hat was best for telling Edward how much he was loved? Finally, Teddy had a simple and remarkable plan.

Find out which hat Teddy wore, when he told Edward how much he loved him. Of course, with any story by Maxwell Grantly, things never go according to plan.

Book Reviews


Ugh1 star

It's strange stupid and a waste of time!!!15


Teddyโ€™s many hats5 star

Best book ever read55


Great for my 4 year old4 star

Lots of pictures which kept my 4 year olds attention45


EWWW1 star

This book gives me the creeps15

A nice photo

A good book for a strong friendship5 star

This just teaches what is inside not on the outside!!! Great book!!!๐Ÿ˜€55


Amazing!5 star

I loved this little story! We got my son a teddy the day I found out that I was pregnant. He is now 6 and will not go anywhere without it! This book was just touching to us. Thank you Maxwell!55

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