Toy Story: Woody's Aqua Adventures

Toy Story: Woody's Aqua Adventures Summary

When Andy comes home from the aquarium and gives Hamm something to hold, Woody is jealous. Soon, though, Woody is telling the other toys a story all about his own aqua adventure!

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Woodys Aqua adventures5 star

I loved how woody even told a story to Hamm so Hamm can show him Andy’s treasure55

Picky icky. hacker

Not my style.2 star

This book is okay but it would just be more fun if there was a toy story tv thing of it and if there is I’m still not interested in this book sorry.25

swim swim.

Bad book1 star

My little brother hated he has 5years old and he said “I don’t liked it , it was to short.” I didn’t liked , it just haved 2 pages to read.😞🙄👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼15


Calm3 star

Pi think I would vote it.a 3 because you probably will read it when you are calm.35


Woodys Aqua adventure5 star

This book is better than Mario video games! I loved it and I think it is the best book ever55

Holed up for the kingdom

Great book and characters4 star

Jace Wallace age 7+45

brooklyn grace bouchillon

I love books!!5 star

I haven’t read it yet but I know it’s going to be good!!55


Great read5 star

Great story with real characters of Woody and friends; short enough to keep their attention! Thanks!55


Entertaining5 star

Great book highly recommend for kids !55

peaches butt crack

Great book for kids night time books5 star

It is a cool short book and good for kids55

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