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Advice from the Trenches

Are you looking to break into the film business?

Read valuable lessons from these formidable women about the art and craft of making movies: How to break in, stay in and rise to the top.

Eleven women who've found success in the film and television industry (directors, actors, writers, editors, executives) talk about what it took to get them to where they are today.

-Amy Heckerling (Director, Clue, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
-Susan Seidelman (Director, Desperately Seeking Susan)
-Lesli Linka Glater (Director, Homeland, The West Wing, Twin Peaks)
-Carol Littleton (Editor, The Big Chill, Body Heat)
-Nancy Savoca (Director, True Love, Household Saints)
-Dody Dorn (Editor, Memento, Insomnia)
-Susan Coyne (Actress, Co-Creator, Slings & Arrows)
-Mo Collins (Actress, MadTV, Fear The Walking Dead)
-Edie Falco (Actress, The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie)
-Debra Eisenstadt (Actress, Oleanna and Director, Blush and Before the Sun Explodes)
-Donna Smith (Production Manager and the first women to run production at a major studio)

This book provides great insight and information on the real story behind working in the film business.

Grab it today!

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