34 Tips On How To Make & Save Some Money

34 Tips On How To Make & Save Some Money Summary

College did me more than teach me useless knowledge that I would forget in a month or 2.

It was one of the poorest times of my life and I think there are a lot of college students that feel my frustration. 

Luckily, I was able to live with my pops but do know it was still rough. 

I decided to put together this free book with 34 *EXCLUSIVE* tips on how to save and make money in college. 

This is groomed just for college students but it works for anyone with some extra time on their hands..

Great for those who
- Just lost a job or unemployed
- Just looking to make some extra cash 
- Stuck on broke
- Have nothing but time
- Want to break away from the man
- Just want some money

I think I said that last one twice...

Either way, this book is perfect for ANYONE that wants to make some money because it's won't cost you a dime. It's completely free. 

Hope it helps 

Warm regards
 Dennis M.

Book Reviews

a person94949

Fantastic5 star

My son LOVE it, he said it’s a great book and he has a lot of fun with it!! Thanks!55


Decent Tips & Advice3 star

Very Basic Stuff35


Good ideas4 star

Not bad, got a couple good ideas from this.45


Interesting4 star

Not bad ideas some I've done already.45


Loved but too short4 star

I would've gave it 5 but I wish it was longer45


Very good advice5 star

I have done some of these money making things and have made good money to buy groceries. This really works! Just do it!55


Good tips:)4 star

Good tips, going to check them out..leave out some of the links to sites that were a little misleading, then I'd give it 5 stars.45

JJ Rice

Money in the Bank4 star

Wonderful!!!! insights. Clean cut straight to the point. Im going to have my college kid try these outs and my nine year old start his own business. Thanks45


Mr.5 star

This was a very useful book if you need some tips on how to make extra money, thank you55


Wow5 star

Had some really good tips on saving and making money. I'm surprised this was free... Thanks55

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