Five Steps to a Stress-Free Retirement

Five Steps to a Stress-Free Retirement Summary

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or are facing retirement in the foreseeable future, NOW is the time to start planning for the retirement lifestyle you deserve. With just a little willpower and the right action plan, access the keys to making your golden years stress free. Topics covered include: types of debt and ways to reduce this financial burden, practical tips that make saving easy, the truth about owning life insurance, and ways to allocate assets and structure income more effectively.

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Finance5 star

Great for starters and beginners who want to learn how to manage their finance. Very important if you are on your 20's. I am 27 right now and so far made the right choices specially with my finance. Highly recommended for younger generation to build wealth. Follow me on Instagram at positive.healthy.happy thank you.55


Lifesaver5 star

This was my first financial retirement focused book read. Based on the concepts discussed, "time horizons" being one of them, I was able to make immediate changes to my govt TSP funds after having a better understanding of how to maximize my savings growth with the available fund programs based on my targeted retirement date. This book has me thirsty for my next read to continue expanding my financial knowledge. Thanks.55

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