Improving Small Business Cash Flow

Improving Small Business Cash Flow Summary

Small businesses cannot afford the luxury of doing “business as usual” in a recessionary environment it is critical to re-evaluate how your business operates.
Cost cutting can be a bit like liposuction, providing an unsustainable quick fix, unless you make the required life style changes the problem will quickly comes back. This short guide will provide pointers to help you assess where you may have developed habits that are stopping you from being more profitable.

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Writer?1 star

This book was either written by a very young person (teenager?) or is a rough, rough, rough, draft. There is absolutely no way that this "writer" has a college degree. Shame on any company that would ever publish such rubbish. The grammar is childlike. Double shame on IBooks for approving the book!15


Badly written, Author needs to learn English1 star

I could not read this book. It is jam packed with runon sentences and grammatical errors that most high school students know how to avoid.15


Great work5 star

Doing business in a recessive economy in a nutshell.. I have learnt a lot and would like to read more.. Thanks :)55

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