Empire's Fall: The Last Days of the NFL as we know it

Empire's Fall: The Last Days of the NFL as we know it Summary

On paper the brand never looked stronger. Revenue is approaching 15 billion dollars a season. Over 100 Million people watched the last Super Bowl. The International Series in London has grossed over 30 million per contest.
How could a league at the height of its power and sphere of influence be showing chinks in the armor?

Gary Sapp believes that outrageous ticket pricing, over exposure on television and favoritism for the offensive side of the ball is setting the NFL up for a devastating fall. Hardcore fans are turned off by greedy owners, constant rule changes discouraging defense, troubled players, and the lack of physical play that once made the game great.

And yet it is not too late to save America's game from Roger Goodell and hand full of owners who are continuing to throw daggers at loyal patrons while they line their pockets with millions upon millions of dollars.

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