Junior Seau: The Real Story

Junior Seau: The Real Story Summary

He was Superman in cleats. He worked hard, hit hard and played hard. Junior Seau was a hero on the field, but in his personal life he struggled with drinking, money problems and depression. This is the story of a man who emerged out of a humble upbringing, developed into a  superstar and eventually fell into a downward spiral that led to suicide.

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Amazing book!!!5 star

I would read this a million times if I could55


Junior Seau: The Real Story4 star

Great book. Really sheds some personal light on what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of folks who are made to be bigger than life. Sad ending to an amazing talent but, hopefully a lesson for all of us.45


Awesome book5 star

This book was one of the best ever!55

Ummmm mehe

amazing5 star



Great book5 star

Great book about a great player. Long Live 5555


Junior seau5 star

That book is the greatest book in the world. I know he killed himself that was emotional, great, and sad in the book.55


Excellent5 star

I had no clue he went through so much in his life. Great man who made a view bad decisions. R.I.P "June"55


was one5 star



Awesome5 star

I never thought this was what his life was like the entire time. Any fan of football should read this.55


The Real Junior Seau5 star

It was a great book. I learned a lot of things about the Junior Seau. If you are a football fan it's a must read.55

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