Bach's Farm Animals (Enhanced Version)

Bach's Farm Animals (Enhanced Version) Summary

Bach's Farm Animalsis a Classical Kids take on a typical farm and the animals on that farm. Filled with the wonderful sounds of Bach's Cello Suite and 6 year old Aiden's voice, this book is sure to delight every young learner in the family. With a movie and page by page audio, this book will positively help any child with learning farm animals by name. 

What is Classical Kids? Classical Kids is an amazing audio/visual educational book series designed with kids in mind. Using timeless Classical music and a focus on pairing pictures with words, kids’ cognitive abilities are enhanced through these interactive books. The video plays the entire book with carefully chosen Classical music, which works great for younger children and infants, while older children will enjoy using the book to learn words and sounds.

Games to help my child learn? Yes, it is our belief that by playing fun, educational games with your children, they can learn far more quickly than on their own. Learning should be fun and should never feel like a chore for children. As the parent, you set an example to help your child tap into his or her imagination and amazing capabilities of a growing brain, allowing them to learn more quickly and efficiently. Below are a few of the games we’ve come up with and used in the past but we hope you’ll come up with some more on your own.

Listening/Repeating Game - Have them listen to the word and help them sound it out.

Word Game - When a picture is shown, let them say it to you.

Writing Game - Have them get a piece of paper and write the word out as they see it or as the animal passes by, try to help them get all the animals right and watch their amazement as they do.

Book Reviews


Extremely disappointing!1 star

Don’t waste your time on this! It’s really not what I thought it was going to be.15


This is not that great1 star

This book is not that great so I don't get it it does it teach you anything15

MAC OS 2015

Early readers, animal flash cards with sounds and Bach5 star

This is a cute book for any early reader that enjoys classical music and animal sounds. Beautiful animal photos and fun corresponding animal sounds. Encourages children to read in whole language style learning. I highly recommend as a teacher and Early Childhood Educator.55


Good book5 star

It is a great farm book with a classical music twist good book kids would definitely enjoy 😄😃😀👏👏👍👍55


Bach's farm animals5 star

The best thing ever55

The dogs and cats

It's okay1 star

It's really boring.15

Big Green Machine 63

Ellie5 star

This is the mosed beast book. I have ever read.55


Bach's farm animals5 star

Good for small children to learn and read.55

Mrs jvs

Bach's farm animals5 star

I love it . It shows me the animals on here I heart horses55

Karen Hanson

Farm animals5 star

Excellent book! Really held my 3 year old grandson's attention!55

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