36 Top-Move Checkmates

36 Top-Move Checkmates Summary

If you like puzzles and have’t tried chess checkmate puzzles, then try Top-Move Checkmates!

If you like chess, odds are you can improve your game with checkmate problems.

If you are learning chess, or want to start learning chess, Top-Move Checkmates allow you to practice squeezing the maximum power out of small teams of your pawns and pieces. A great start!

Top-Move Checkmates allow you to solve problems where there is always exactly one best move (the top-move) every time it is your turn.

Top-Move Checkmates are presented to you in interactive diagrams. Think you know the answer? Just drag the piece to make the move you think is best. If your move is not the top-move, the interactive diagram gives you a hint.

These are checkmate problems, so you win every time. Ah, but how many hints did you need to win? The little voice inside us that says “I can DO this, and I don’t need hints!” keeps us coming back for more chess satisfaction.

All Top-Move problems are from actual games of chess. So if you do play chess games, you have confidence the problems are relevant to actual games.

But you don’t have to play games of chess: Plenty of people have plenty of fun with checkmate problems without ever playing chess games.

When you’re done with this book, please check out “16,236 Top-Move Checkmates” which obviously is intended to keep you busy longer.

If you are starting to learn chess, there is some help in the interactive diagram in the preface: Information on how pawns and pieces move, and information on how to see that a checkmate position is actually checkmate.

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