Free Lottery Book

Free Lottery Book Summary

Steps to winning lottery. Strategies to win pick 3 and pick 4. How to win Mega millions, Powerball and all lotto games. Winning lottery based on trend calculations. Mathematics of winning lottery games.

Book Reviews


What?1 star

Random numbers can't be predicted and this guy literally asks you to buy another book with more "secrets" at the very end.15


Waste of time!1 star

He just wants you to go and buy his other books which are expensive and probably with the same lackluster information. DON'T DO IT..15

My Way of Thinking

Free Lottery book1 star

It is confusing at best. He keeps saying now you understand something presented without logic. I minored in math so? Was it written in a different language with a poor translation?15


Poor grammar, poor explanation.1 star

You cannot get past the poor grammar – the trending examples leave you scratching your head for 31 pages (one page missing). I wish I could get the minutes of my life back wasted on this book...15


Awesome info5 star

I learn a lot thanks55


Great Job4 star

Well, I'm a kid and didn't get most of the book but I am thinking of a method that might actually work. You gave me the idea of this method!! Thank you.45


The free lottery book3 star

This is a good book.35


Lost1 star

This made no sense to the layman just wanting to understand a basic way to better their chances playing the lottery. This book caters to a small few excluding the people who really play the lottery regularly. After reading this book I will still play my kids b'days because he showed me nothing else to do.15


Book1 star

Hate it I new everything in it.15


Wrong2 star

In this book he gives you powerball results for 7/31/2010. Any idiot knows they can check that so for kicks I did. The real results are 1/16/17/41/57 power#15. I give it 2 stars for effort it took to write, might have given 3 if his facts we correct.25

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