Kids vs Goblins

Kids vs Goblins Summary

The Kids vs Goblins art book gives a behind the scenes look at how Stolen Couch Games created the game. 

With more than 40 pages of high resolution concept art, videos and interactive 3d models the Kids vs Goblins art book gives you a perspective of how it is to be an artist at Stolen Couch Games. 

And best of all: The Kids vs Goblins art book is completely free.

Book Reviews

Anime Unigirl🦄

Horrible book u need to...1 star

Crawl into a hole and die or make a better book if I could talk to u I would tell u to give me ur book so I can burn it or make it better if u gave it 4or 5 stars ⭐️ u at probably blind I am 12 and this wasted my time it also took up space on my phone why make this book if u were gonna make it bad15



It was such a HORRIBLE book. I would NOT recommend this and I am 12 years old and I love reading but this book made me think twice. If I could meet the author I will tell him/her “I would roast you, but my mom told me never to burn TRASH.😎😎😎”15

elijah fagin

Kids vs goblins5 star

That book was the best You should make more of them55


Have not4 star

I have not read it but it looks good so whoever is reading this you should try this book45

Brewers rock!

Nice5 star

What an awesome book best book in the whole entire universe,please make more of these books,please.55


kids vs goblins3 star

i just got this book and i dont know if it will be good35

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