Simple Word Find

Simple Word Find Summary

This is a collection of word find/search puzzles specifically formatted for small screen eReaders. The puzzles are all themed towards sports topics

This volume contains 16 word search puzzles. Each is broken down into 3 pages.

1. The puzzle grid with no word list, just a subject heading for the puzzle. For maximum challenge you can work off of this grid, not knowing exactly what words you are looking for, only knowing the "theme" of the puzzle.

2. The puzzle grid with word list follows on the next page. Use it to check your work or to make the puzzle easier (by revealing exactly what words you are searching for).

3. The puzzle grid with answer key. Note that the answer key is short-hand text since most eReader hardware will not allow you to "circle" answers on the physical screen.

Please download the sample before purchasing to ensure it works OK on your own reader.

Thanks for your continuing support. All funds continue to go towards cancer treatment medical bills and we cannot express our gratitude enough to the eBook community. You guys have given us hope again and literally helped us to survive these part 3 years. God bless.

[This edition is currently free. We encourage word find fans to try this volume first in its entirety before considering the other volumes we have to ensure you will be satisfied with the formatting and so on.]

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Mama too!

NO1 star

This book is horrible. You can't even circle the words!15

Zombie killer squad

Easy5 star

This is such an easy book!!!!😃55

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