The Pint-Sized Guide to Organizing Your Home

The Pint-Sized Guide to Organizing Your Home Summary

The first of The Pint-Sized Guide series in Organizing by professional organizer Nicole A. Lee, The Pint-Sized Guide to Organizing Your Home automates the process of home organizing in 7 steps, complete with clear, simple flowcharts and easy to remember mnemonics that you can apply immediately to organize any space in your home. Let's free up your space, time and money for the better things in life!

Book Reviews

Lydia Lily

Lectura útil5 star

El libro es fácil de entender y permite organizarse de forma rápida.55


This book just WOW5 star

I love organizing a lot of stuff so this book helped me since I'm still a beginner and they also put flow charts in this book to help people who don't know how to start organizing great book I totally recommend this book55


Clear and concise4 star

No extra fluff, just the facts. Very helpful.45


Easy read3 star

Practical and straight to the point.35

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