Love Wasn't Built In A Day

Love Wasn't Built In A Day Summary

A friends to lovers gay Regency romance with a delicious slow burn.

Humphrey Dexington wants his best friend, and colleague, to be happy in love. With him, preferably. After accidentally reading a letter written by David to a former lover, Humphrey realises his own love for David would forever remain unrequited. It's time to finally move on and let David find someone to love who would stick by him. If he couldn't have David, at least David could have the man who he sent such poignant letters to.

Humphrey invites David and his lover to the Soho Club for an evening together, but when David's lover doesn't show, it might just give Humphrey the chance he's always wanted.

Engineer David Mattson doesn't have time for love. Grand engineering projects dominate his life, and he spends most of the year travelling to supervise the works. When his last affair ended, he decided that was it. Love wasn't for him. He'd never find someone who wanted to share the life he adored, who would travel with him, and care as deeply for every detail of every bridge and drain and lock.

Slowly, David realises that person has been beside him, loyal to him and his beloved engineering, for the past decade. All he needs is to be brave enough to say yes to Humphrey's love.

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