Lincoln: A Steven Spielberg Film - Discover the Story

Lincoln: A Steven Spielberg Film - Discover the Story Summary

***Nominated for 12 Academy Awards***
***Exclusive David Rubel piece on the inspirational leadership of President Lincoln***
Go behind the scenes of Steven Spielberg's historical epic, 'Lincoln' with this exclusive interactive book. See how a crucial time in America's history was recreated and brought to the screen with beautiful photos, art, interviews, music, and compelling historical narrative. Created with Apple's unique iBooks Author app, the book will allow the audience to immerse themselves in Abraham Lincoln's most critical period as President of the United States.

Download the book to view a clip from the film! Exclusive content includes a chapter by historian and author David Rubel and behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the film!

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We can have dinner5 star



iPad only for Downloads3 star

This book is available for iPad only as of my download (17 May 13). Yet, it should be something that's listed to warn users who are not iPad owners. I was wondering why it downloaded to my MBA and iPad but not my iPhone. Now, I understand the reason, but only after reading other reviews and suspecting prior this that could possibly be the issue but it was not listed as not compatible for iPhone and iPod Touch. I'll follow up with review for book soon.35


Just Okay1 star

This was okay as long as you remember this is a movie and only "based" on historic events. Too many facts have been left out to make it a good tool for propagating history. Then again, I am reminded that the word history comes from "his story".15

Never try this

Don't use1 star

This is terrible!!!!15


Says it's downloaded, but it isn't!1 star

This took forever to download but now it says it is, and yet I can't find it anywhere! No way to delete and start over…I REALLY wanted to see this book!! It looks like it would be fantastic…please fix this and tell me how to correct it on my end. PLEASE!!15

Tom Wilson O

Great after movie read!5 star

I found this to be very informative on how the facts were gathered, how the actors prepared themselves for their roles and very cool and interesting back stories and facts. Awesome short read!55


Ughhhh1 star

It freezes Someone please fix this soon!15

Beat army

Download locks up and freezes.1 star

Download locks up and freezes on my iPad. Can't delete it. Can't reset it. Won't open.15


Won't download1 star

Download stuck and iBooks slowed. Can't delete. Looks like it might be a good book. Just not sure I'll ever get to know.15


Love, love, this eBook!5 star

This is an amazing free book that ties into the wonderful movie. I downloaded this after I saw the movie and forgot about it during all the hustle and bustle of the holiday, then found it again today. I bought my husband Team of Rivals for Christmas, which he is reading as I write this. I started reading this book and am thoroughly enjoying the pictures, videos and text, which are woven together brilliantly. I hope this is a new way of tying books and movies together. Bravo to the team who imagined this eBook and brought it together!55

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