10 Credit Repair Tips

10 Credit Repair Tips Summary

These 10 tips can change your life! If you're looking for where to start, or how to start repairing your bad credit, this is the resource for you. A short and sweet guide to getting your credit cleaned up, establishing new credit, and staying on track. Oh, and its free!

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Good book5 star

Good information.55


Loved it5 star

Nice and brief55


Was off to a good start BUT2 star

Well this book started off good but then just ended with no real information. I clicked on the link and tried multiple times to create an account and had no success. I wish there was more to the book than an introduction and a few hopes.25


First steps...5 star

Start with this info and you will be on your way to great scores.55

A Morello

Helpful Start5 star

These few little tips don’t seem like much but they were a good place for me to get started with some baby steps towards fixing my credit.55


10 Credit Repair Tips4 star

Great read, and very insightful. Most of strong points listed in the book I was already aware of, but very glad I made the decision to read and to have this book to reference. Thanks.45


So-so3 star

The tips are common sense but still I suppose it give those of us who aren’t so credit knowledgeable a reference.35


I learned a thing or 24 star



10Credit Repair tips5 star

Very informative!!!55


Helpful tips4 star


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