21 Simple Ways to Persuade People

21 Simple Ways to Persuade People Summary

Jason Nazar spent years studying and mastering the art of persuasion, from his stint as a stage hypnotist, to his time in sales and as the founder of a successful business. In this brief eBook, you will learn 21 simple ways to persuade people to make decisions that benefit both of you, and how to garner the trust and confidence of those around you.

Book Reviews


Great5 star

Short, sweet, and to the point!55


Not amazing but not bad3 star

Meh to be honest it is very logical what he is saying, not new facts and approaches but still interesting i guess ?35

Wd Elzaki

Not bad3 star

I was expecting that it would be better but it's Ok kind of good35


Good quick read4 star

Revise the content to be more relevant to today and elaborate more on the ideas. Thanks.45

Melanie E.

Helpful4 star

Helped to draw a line of correct behavior verses uninformed actions.45

Jose Graciani

A Quick Reference!5 star

Should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation before presenting a topic to a client or approaching a new situation, this is the best persuasion cheat sheet! It allows you to quickly collect thoughts before your big moment. Read this!55


Ehh3 star

Doesn't teach you how just gives tips35

The greatest follower alive

I like it5 star

This is worth the time it took to read it. I will be reading it daily until the concepts stick.55

Bug fix needed

Well written5 star

Hello there, I want to thank you for writing this. It was packed with meaningful information despite its brevity. I would encourage anyone who ever talks or interacts with other people to give this a read. You will be glad you did whether it helps you close a sale or just makes you more pleasant to speak to. Thank you again and best wishes. Scott55


Great4 star

Quick, easy, helpful read!45

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