597 Business Ideas You can Start from Home - Doing What You Love!

597 Business Ideas You can Start from Home - Doing What You Love! Summary

Turn your passion into a thriving Business you can run from Home - or - from anywhere in the World if you love Traveling!

Whether you are looking to 

- turn your passions and talents into a business

- replace a job you hate

- travel indefinitely, supported by a location independent business

This book will provide you with an abundance of ideas on how to do just that!

Both online and local/offline options are covered as well as the use of platforms like:

- Youtube

- Podcasting

- Kindle Publishing

- Course Creation

- eCommerce

- Blog

to broaden your reach and create additional income streams in your niche of choice.

Looking to turn your house or car into an income stream?

You will find many ideas here, some you probably never considered....

PLEASE NOTE: this short little book does NOT provide detailed business plans or blueprints although a few general tactics are shared to get you started and relevant training resources are linked.

The book does provide:

- a list of 597 Ideas

- a number of good training resources to help you with the next steps

- an extensive list of platforms for both eCommerce and Freelancing business options

- basic tips for niche selection, branding and further resources for marketing.

If you want to find out how to start a small business from home, this book will give you many ideas on how you can turn your passions and talents into a profitable business.

The 597 Business Ideas are grouped into the following skill groups to make the search easier:

* Administrative
* Arts & Crafts
* Beauty
* Car Skills & Use your Car
* Computers
* Consulting & Coaching
* Cooking & Baking
* Design
* Electronics
* Fashion
* Finance
* Fitness & Weight Loss
* Foreign Language
* Gardening
* Handyman
* Your Home
* Humor / Comedy
* Kids
* Marketing
* Movies
* Music & Audio
* Organizing
* People Skills
* Pets
* Photo & Video
* Reading
* Dating & Relationships
* Sports
* Teaching
* Travel
* Web Skills
* Writing
* Misc.

Ready to start a home based business, doing something you love?

Then scroll up and hit the BUY Button - see you there...;-)

Book Reviews


Not to bad4 star

This book have some good ideas , but the author repeat some ideas serval time I’m not sure why, that’s the reason I gave 4 stars45


Wonderful ideas5 star

A wonderful list of ideas. Also some great references to online market places.55

Sr Happy $

Good book3 star

Pretty good ideas35


Why not...5 star

Seeing that information such as listed in this book; was quite easy to click the highlighted website and made it so much easier than having to look up the information and possibly rerouted. I would highly recommend reading and writing down some of the information that may apply to you and your needs.55


597 businesses ideas at home3 star

A little colder content35

Corey Kingz

List of Basic Ideas1 star

Just a basic list of general ideas thrown into catcy title.15

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