A New Day

A New Day Summary

A New Day enables you to share the day's activities with your child.  The story makes the ordinary daily routine extraordinary by using dynamic and interactive illustrations. The illustrations spark interest in general concepts of daily life.

The interactive illustrations demonstrate colors, numbers, shapes, sports, dates, and time. The story also exposes young readers to more complex concepts related to Science and Technology such as:  the phase of the moon, compasses, telescopes, calculators, and dimensions of basic shapes.  In addition, the story touches upon the concept of feelings, and provides audio examples of several foreign languages.

The dynamic illustrations highlight that the world around us changes every minute of every day. The moon shows the correct phase. Calendars display the correct date. Clocks display the correct time. And, the compass and calculator work.

Discover A New Day, everyday, with a child in your life.

Book Reviews


Fun book5 star

Fun book for child and parent. Thank you!55


Amazingly creative!5 star

This book is great - what a fun way for kids to enjoy interacting with and learn from an eBook. My kids will read this book over and over…I love it too! Can't wait to see what they come up with next.55


So interactive, it's a new book each time you read it.5 star

This book is a parents dream! Instead of having to read the same book, the pages change on a minute to minute or day to day basis. The pages are interactive for children to play with. It is never the same book twice!55


Awesome!5 star

Great book with interaction all over.... A must have for children to read over and over again since it is different every day/read!55

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