Agent Zero (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book #1)

Agent Zero (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book #1) Summary

“You will not sleep until you are finished with AGENT ZERO. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. The description of the action scenes transport us into a reality that is almost like sitting in a movie theater with surround sound and 3D (it would make an incredible Hollywood movie). I can hardly wait for the sequel.”
--Roberto Mattos, Books and Movie Reviews

In this much-anticipated debut of an epic spy thriller series by #1 bestseller Jack Mars, readers are taken on an action thriller across Europe as presumed-CIA operative Kent Steele, hunted by terrorists, by the CIA, and by his own identity, must solve the mystery of who is after him, of the terrorists’ pending target—and of the beautiful woman he keeps seeing in his mind.

Kent Steele, 38, a brilliant professor of European History at Columbia University, lives a quiet life in a New York suburb with his two teenage daughters. All that changes when late one night he gets a knock on his door and is abducted by three terrorists—and finds himself flown across the ocean to be interrogated in a basement in Paris.

They are convinced that Kent is the most lethal spy the CIA has ever known. 

He is convinced they have the wrong man.

Do they?

With a conspiracy around him, adversaries as smart as he is, and an assassin on his tail, the wild game of cat and mouse leads Kent on a perilous road—one that may lead back to Langley—and to a shocking discovery of his own identity.

AGENT ZERO is an espionage thriller that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

Books #2-#12 are also available!

“One of the best thrillers I have read this year.”
--Books and Movie Reviews (re Any Means Necessary )

Also available is Jack Mars’ #1 bestselling LUKE STONE THRILLER series (7 books), which begins with Any Means Necessary (Book #1), a free download with over 800 five star reviews!

Book Reviews


It Never Let’s UP,5 star

Gripping from the beginning and never lets up till the end.55


Super spy5 star

Best spy book ever55


Agent Zero5 star

This novel starts out with a boring day in the life of a college professor, struggling to raise two teenage daughters on his own— then it gets interesting. Reid Lawson finds himself dragged barefoot from his home. Each subsequent event reveals that he is more than he thinks he is. Will he survive long enough to discover who he is? Or will he lose himself and others that he loves? The story hinges on so many improbable scenarios, but wanting to see where Lawson’s crazy life took him kept me turning pages.55


Page turner!5 star

A fast moving, thrilling ride!55

Tony w. W. W.

top knotch! TWW5 star

Great Book!55


Outstanding read. Great thriller and constant action from first page to the end.5 star

Outstanding read!!!55


Awesome5 star

An absolutely amazing read very hard to put down.55


Look out!5 star

Zero will become more than a few!55


Extremely captivating - can’t stop reading5 star

I saw that this book was free on Apple Books so I thought why not try it out. I spent every free minute I had reading it. I then finished every book in the series in a matter of 3 or 4 weeks. They’re that good. It’s just one of those series that you cannot stop reading, there’s always something happening and you never know what’s going to happen next. It’s very exciting and well written. I plan on reading every book Jack Mars has written because they’re so good!55

S Parks

Great gripping read5 star

A fast paced action packed adventure that had me staying up late to read. There was a lot of violence so be warned if you are buying for younger readers.55

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