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This book is a book that completely changes what you think about football. This is a preview edition, but once there is ten downloads a full version will be released. These books will include positions, position descriptions, what is football, terms, and much much more. Follow me on Twitter @nhoyt10 for more information.

Book Reviews

Trump deplorable 2002

terrible1 star

i cloud learn more from 1 minute booger mcfarland 🤦🏻‍♂️15


Amazing5 star

It an amazing book its talks about the rules and everthing55


Awful1 star

Not worth your time.15


Awesome Book5 star

This book was incredible and it wasn't about records and etc but it had great ideas about what position u would like trying (if u were a football player) so I loved it55


Football Book1 star

This book was horrible. I thought it actually explained a bit about stars and stuff but its about positions. Its only ten pages w/ barely 10 words per page. Do not get this book, it is horrible15


Futball1 star

Eh gads waz is a foodbull?15


Book?2 star

It wasn't much of a book there wasn't anything to read it was mostly pictures and labels.25

y did i download this?

Simple2 star

This book (?preview) is good if you're 6 years old or if you just moved to America from somewhere far away, like Kazakhstan. I looking for a book that covers formations and different play packages like nickel, pistol, spread option, contain and 4-3. 2 stars because this book didn't completely changed how I look at football.25


Thank u5 star

Well I have a essay due and it was really helpful book to help me to get all the information I needed55


Nice book4 star

Would have given five stars had it not been for the very first page of offense positions showing Aaron Hernandez while the photo is tagged as Ryan Hernandez. Not really important but little stuff like that just irks me. Good job though45

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