Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier

Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier Summary

The body of work featured in this book are genuine photographs. They have been neither doctored up nor altered. They are in fact the actual prints of the image captured by the objective.
Dani Olivier's creates his effects at the time of the shoots, by projecting complex images and intricate light patterns on his models. He never touches up the originals.
The models are nude. They do not wear enhancing accessories. Their makeup is minimal.
The pictures are taken with a black background. There are no artifacts : Just the models and the light projections. The projections are either abstract or figurative. The final composition is always surreal.
Mr Olivier's unique style is introduced for the first time in this body of work. His abstract and psychedelic nudes are his exclusive creations.

Book Reviews


Powerful Art4 star

This book shows amazing photographs of woman using color and poses. From the use of strong colors to that of mere shadows or lines. The female form is highlighted45


Anthology of nude photography1 star

Don’t even get this book15

laith adnan khalaf

Great Iraq3 star

Very good and so easy colors35

Duck lover 27

Duck duck goose5 star

Make me hard55


More artistic than actual nudes!1 star

Display of naked women in "Bond" girl lighting & poses. Dull if you like studying the true beauty of the naked woman form. WEAK!15


Impressive5 star

The best stuff I seen55


nudes but unclear in parts5 star

Well done as great outline but parts forget outline of body. Should be clear body at all times without being able to show whom is being displayed. Great work with plenty of ideas for reader.55

Abo Abdullah, dhafer

Please remove from my purchase1 star

Hi May You please remove from my purchase, It is very appropriated15


Nude photography1 star

This book had a bunch of ads for other books There was no writing or pictures about a study in nude photography I do not even know why they called it that stupid book15


Inspirational5 star

Wow. Well done. Images accent the beauty of form and the dance with light.55

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