App Development with Swift

App Development with Swift Summary

This course is designed to teach you the skills needed to be an app developer capable of bringing your own ideas to life. Whether you’re new to coding or want to expand your skills, by the end of this course you should be able to build a fully functioning app of your own design using Xcode 10 and iOS 12.

The course starts by introducing iOS development tools, basic programming concepts using Swift as the language, and industry best practices. Building on this foundation, you’ll follow a step-by-step curriculum, work through practical exercises, and create apps from scratch.

Book Reviews

a goog user

Problem1 star

The very first playground, says if can't see logo use editor on menu bar. There is no editor on the menu bar.15

Naco Siren

Reporing a typo5 star

"2.11 Guided Project: Apple Pie”, Page 286: “Why does the `currentGame` variable have an explanation mark at the end?” ^ `explanation` should be `exclamation`. You’re welcome, if you ever come to read this review.55


Needs to be updated for Xcode 11 and soon Xcode 12.4 star

The theory of Swift is greatly explained on playgrounds and the book, but after so much reading chapter 4 becomes less detailed and outdated it got me searching else where to be able to complete some labs. Talking of labs those on chapter 4 are not that detailed as previos one where codes where included and pictures as well. I think when this book is refreshed maybe with SwiftUI I will give it an another shoot to chapter 4.45


Great book, minor errors4 star

This is a great book. I’ve seen no reason to go out and purchase any other book to help me get into Swift development. That being said, there are errors in this book. For example, on page 103, the screenshot shown should actually be the screenshot on page 100 and vice versa. It’s also for iOS 12 and Xcode 10, but I’ve found that it seems to work just fine in iOS 13 and Xcode 11.45


Finally A Gem5 star

I read a lot of programming books I rarely leave a review. If you are an aspiring IOS dev or even a hobbiest that feels like other courses, books, or tutorials just don’t cut it I would start here. I am only half way through the book and have learned more then all hours and hours I spent wandering around the web and reading other books. This book is made for the absolute beginner and does a very good job of explaining and teaching you how to think, plan, code and implement your project ideas. I cannot wait for the updated version.55


Update for Xcode 11 / Swift 5 / Swift UI?5 star

Could someone from Apple let us know when / if this book will be updated for the current release of iOS, Xcode, and Swift? Thanks!55


I love iOS😘 I love swift 🥰5 star

I have learned a lot from the previous version of this book, and I fell in love with developing iOS app. Thanks to this book. 💻☕️🥣🛀🛀😘🥳😝😜😛55


Amazing5 star

Helped me learn the basics of swift, then I was able to create my own (very simple) app - but it worked!55

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