Apple Watch User Guide

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Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app on iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using Apple Watch and discover all the amazing things it can do.

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Easy to see the emails4 star

I’m sorry I’m still on the wall with the Apple Watch limited abilities45


iWatch Series 35 star

I love my watch !! Helpful information!!55


Helpful5 star

Good info55

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Enable4 star

JavaScript enabled45

Fran Thomas

Not what I needed2 star

Just want to know facts about using the various watch features, not this info!25

Yahya the kid

Great5 star

I like this as I am buy the Apple Watch 6 for the first time so this will tell me how to use it!55


Apple Watch User Guide1 star

479 pages and no Table of Contents or search tool ???? How are you supposed to find the info you need? I will just use Google.15


Lack of a Printable Manual is INSANE!1 star

How can you not offer a printable manual?!?! I know it may be viewed as a little old school to actually use real paper anymore, but there are different styles of learning. Not everyone (even young people) can completely grasp new concepts by only seeing them on a screen. What about individuals who have a physical or mental disability ?!?! I understand Apple wanting to keep their information proprietary, but this is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I have had many Apple devices over the years. I’ve been able to figure most things out on my own or with a quick Google search. But the Apple Watch Series 5 is just not as intuitive as my other devices. This is a major disappointment as it is now going to take me 3x longer to actually read through this manual in Apple Books. I WANT A HARD COPY!!!! Epic fail.15


😆5 star


TFW Baby

Helpful5 star

I learned a lot of tidbits that I had not already figured out on my own.55

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Apple Watch User Guide


Apple Watch User Guide
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