Astrology 101: Decoding Your Energetic Signature

Astrology 101: Decoding Your Energetic Signature Summary

Astrology 101 is a course in basic astrology for the curious alchemist. If you have ever dabbled in astrology, asked someone about their sign or wanted to know how to understand your astrological blueprint, this book is for you!

You learn how to plot your own natal chart,  the energetic signatures of the zodiac signs and how to apply them to your big three: your sun, moon and rising signs. This gives you the power to unlock your astrological blueprint and take the power of the stars into your own hands.

Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. wrote this book out of her own experience of spending decades trying to learn astrology. She wants to turn that around and make it accessible for you to learn and understand the power of the stars!

Book Reviews


Fast4 star

Read fast was ok45


Great4 star

Pretty short45


Great read5 star

Very informative55


Informative5 star

This helped me to get a better understanding of things55


Very insightful4 star

Very helpful read. Highly informative and sets a tone in your mind that makes you want to dive into a more positive frame of mind. Thank you so much for this read.45

Isabel Harrington

wow5 star

this book was honestly so helpful in helping me start my journey to inner peace55


Meh3 star

Honestly, you can find this information anywhere. I’ve studied astrology forever and I was hoping for something meatier. I suppose it’s okay as a starter.35


Love it❤️5 star

With this guide and information, I found out more about myself and natal chart 💕 Thank you ❤️55


Easy read5 star

Good quick read to learn about the basics of astrology!55


Astrology 1014 star

It was real informative.45

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