Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Summary

Franklin wrote his autobiography in the form of an extended letter to his son. While recording the events of his life, he adds instructions for good living which makes this work America’s first “How to Succeed” book.

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Worthwhile Reading5 star

A refreshing elucidation of common sense written in a straightforward manner. No wonder he became a man of influence in his time.55


The Nature of the World5 star

If you’ve ever contemplated the nature of doing good in the world, and by that account becoming successful- start here. This is one of the greatest books ever written on the nature of the world, and the ability of men/women to influence it positively through diligence and character.55


Benjamin Franklin Biography5 star

Enjoyable reading55

cheickin fuacker

Benjamin Franklin autobiography1 star

Every time I read a page I jizzed in my mouth. This got annoying after a while but I read the entire thing and then my ass was penetrated by the last page.15


Very good book!!!5 star

I read this as I’m a 13 yo and it has help me think like Ben and learn the virtues of becoming a better citizen and making more acquaintances.55


Renaissance Man5 star

Where are all the modern day Ben Franks at? We sorely need them in our current government.55

Business tivil

His wisdom in his own words5 star

Largely a compendium of several incidents through out his life written as a means of passing on wisdom to his son.55


Life Changing5 star

This is a gift to all Americans in quest to better themselves or in need of a standard to live by. This forefather lays the framework for becoming your best possible self.55


Every American should read this5 star

A classic book that impart knowledge and wisdom from one of our founding fathers and the great polymath of history. Franklin is an excellent storyteller, and this book is both entertaining and elucidating. You will be surprised to discover facts about Franklin you thought you knew, but it isn't quite so. I found this book to be as inspiring as it was interesting. It doesn't need my endorsement, but I enjoyed it so much I'll give it anyway.55


Ben Franklin5 star

This story is the first I've read of him, so I cannot make a relative comparison to others. However, I can say that "I" learned or at least had validated a great many truths of life. This by my own experiences throughout "My" life", having now entered the last quarter of life, was easy to relate too. If it were to have the same affect on a person in their first quarter of life, it would surely give that person a great advantage throughout the remainder of their life. It would be a great "Civics Lesson" in high school. To date, the best reading I've had!55

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