Baby Flash Cards

Baby Flash Cards Summary

Baby Flash Cards is engaging and entertaining for your child with over 250 colorful cards specially designed to make learning new words a fun activity for you and your child. 

The cards are organized into different categories that you can select through a simple and comprehensive menu to tailor your child's learning curriculum.

Book Reviews


Baby flash cards5 star

Baby loved it55


Good easy to use4 star

Wish it had the audio as well. Image are neutral and safe for a two year old to use.45


Outdated2 star

Emphasis on sugar foods (one card for all veggies) and sexist: male doctor, fireman, etc, female nurse, doll, etc25


I absolutely love this book5 star

My 1 year old loves this book55

S Avery

Baby flash cards3 star


Smiley Smelly

Flash card5 star

A good resource for toddlers that are just learning to talk55


5star5 star

My baby is two and he is already able to recognize what they are and say what they are55


Flash card5 star



I have not used it yet.....5 star

I have not used app yet...55


Flash cards1 star

This book is bad. I had this book and when I first opened it was about sex. And the cover said baby flash cards. My baby used to read it and never saw her. Now she is 13 and having sex. She is humping, sex with dicks and vaginas, lap dancing and other sexual things. Don't read this book15

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