Become A Better Version of Yourself

Become A Better Version of Yourself Summary

This ebook contains golden nuggets on how to motivate, inspire and improve your current situation. It encompasses the holistic view of self improvement from mental& emotional wellbeing, career, health & fitness to love & relationship. 

Most importantly, you will learn to make small daily choices that will transform your life.
- Find your personal inspiration.
- Rediscover your motivation.
- Propel yourself out of an unfulfilling existence. 

Book Reviews


Quick Work2 star

Author does have many spelling and grammar errors. I did take away some ideas from the book, but lack a lot of substance.25


Great pick me up and great life lessons4 star

It’s a really good read, some grammatical errors here and there, unfortunately. Doesn’t hinder the value of the message though !45


Great5 star

Really nice written55


Book5 star

Loved the book55


Insightful5 star

Brings a new perspective to success and a healthy lifestyle. Good read!55


Nice book5 star

It’s very easy to read, especially when English in not your original language55


A Once in a Lifetime Read1 star

I am 51 years old, and consider myself fairly well-read. This book is, without a doubt, the absolute worst thing I have ever read in my life — and I’ve read a Nicholas Sparks novel! The myriad spelling errors, paired with horrific grammar made it a tough slog. But then a bunch of mixed metaphors, subject-verb disagreements, and inexplicable mid-sentence first-to-third or vice versa person changes said, “Hold my beer”, and wreaked their havoc. In addition to these attacks on the language, the author apparently lacks the ability to discern the proper uses of, “your” vs “you’re”, or “its” vs “it’s”, as these were improperly used at least four or five times, collectively. There was also a completely false anecdote claiming that George Washington regularly rode into battle naked. (I couldn’t find any source of him ever doing so even once. Alas, lest you chalk me up as simply a grammar snob, let me assure you that, although the book is completely riddled with the flaws I have listed above, all of this rests upon a solid foundation of absolutely terrible writing.15


Great book5 star

Worth the read. Thank you.55


Thank you5 star

Really enjoyed this book!!! Thank you Great for self development and growth !!55

Davis Quientero

Great novel. Captivating till the last page.5 star

The very first chapter will catch your attention. All the way to the end. The author does a great job at adding humor and fun to a very important aspect of life.55

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