Become A Better Version of Yourself

Become A Better Version of Yourself Summary

This ebook contains golden nuggets on how to motivate, inspire and improve your current situation. It encompasses the holistic view of self improvement from mental& emotional wellbeing, career, health & fitness to love & relationship. 

Most importantly, you will learn to make small daily choices that will transform your life.
- Find your personal inspiration.
- Rediscover your motivation.
- Propel yourself out of an unfulfilling existence. 

Book Reviews


Great book5 star

Worth the read. Thank you.55


Thank you5 star

Really enjoyed this book!!! Thank you Great for self development and growth !!55

Davis Quientero

Great novel. Captivating till the last page.5 star

The very first chapter will catch your attention. All the way to the end. The author does a great job at adding humor and fun to a very important aspect of life.55


A very good read!4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I gained some very insightful keys and questions that made me ponder. My only complaint would be the typos 😅 Overall, a great read, I specifically enjoyed the last 3 chapters. I would recommend.45


Please Edit2 star

There are a lot of typos and grammar errors, making it tough to read.25


I am inspired5 star

This book has tremendously benefited me. As I was reading I used the principles presented as a mirror for myself and it helped me to readjust. Highly recommended if you are someone who is seeking self improvement.55


Great Book5 star

Great book for anyone looking to self improve55


Life hack5 star

I really enjoyed this, it helped me step outside myself and analyze my life and the things I’m doing everyday as a friend, daughter and spouse my mood has increased greatly and my outlook on my life is much more positive. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs some words of encouragement!55


Really Good!5 star

Must read it.55


Uhhhhhhhh1 star

Dude this book Is so boring do not read it it’s sooooooooooo boring I rate it 1 star literally terrible15

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