Better Baby Sleep: Infant Sleep Safety

Better Baby Sleep: Infant Sleep Safety Summary

"Better Baby Sleep: Infant Sleep Safety" was written by a Parent Education professional to help parents understand infant sleep safety and should be read by anyone who cares for a baby.

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Short and helpful4 star

A short but helpful handbook you can refer to, awesome!45


Book3 star

This book sucked u would think it would tell u how to put a baby asleep but it dont it tell u things u already should know35

Stae, Ry's mom

Co sleeping4 star

Marine, I think when they say co sleeping, they technically mean bed sharing. Bed sharing has actually been known to cause SIDS. They encourage co sleeping in the sense of having the baby sleep in the room with you. Sounds like you are doing fine.45

iPhone 4 mr. Smith

Excellent info!5 star

Great book for new dads! Also, lots of great resources @ the end.55

Marine wife02/12/2010

Ehh, co sleeping American family3 star

It's proven that co sleeping reduces SIDS and this discourages co sleeping. So, I'm not too fond of this book. My baby is plenty safe next to me in her co sleeper and it's easier to monitor her. For those who do not co sleep, this will be handy.35


ehh....4 star

I got it because it was free -- and i'm giving it 4 stars because it was free, but not really that great.... Not sure I even needed a book on the topic but I'm a little bit like either way on reading this or not....45


Good in terms of scientific study, not culturally3 star

This guide might be good for western culture, but for the east it discourages their practices.35

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