Drawing in Procreate

Drawing in Procreate Summary

Drawing in Procreate on the iPad is directed at enthusiastic new users. In Chapter One the step by step instructions will guide beginners through their first complete image. Chapter Two will reinforce those recently acquired skills and introduce further tasks to increase each user’s skills set. Chapter Three contains helpful tips which will speed users towards really getting to know Procreate.

Book Reviews

Kenny Saskatchewanobie

First-Class beginner help for Procreate5 star

Great help from a very qualified artist. Start doing beautiful work right away in Procreate. Five stars for a very helpful book.55


Helpful4 star

This is a great book for beginners and well explain every tool and tips. Really enjoy reading it and learning.45


Worth reading but needs editing3 star

Very easy, simple-to-follow book for new Procreate users. In first section, instructions on pinch movement to zoom in and out are backwards. In last page of chapter More Tips, last sentence is incomplete. The errors are mostly just annoying, but a little editing would go a long way to improving this publication.35

I like to calculate

Worth reading if you have Procreate App5 star

Quick, easy introduction to the procreate app. Worth reading, as you are likely to learn a few good tips about using the app, and drawing in general. Contains a number of the authors own impressive works. Thanks for writing this nice book!55

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