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Written by the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud’s 1899 book is the definitive text on learning to interpret dreams. Freud’s groundbreaking approach to healing psychiatric issues through dialogue between a patient and therapist gave us enduring concepts like projection and transference, as well as the superego, ego, and id.

Above all, Freud advanced the progressive idea of unconscious desire as a driving force for our thoughts and actions. This paved the way for the revolutionary notion that dreams are more than wild nonsense-they’re a channel for symbolically communicating our innermost fears, conflicts, and desires. While many of Freud’s theories have fallen out of fashion, Dream Psychology is a great introduction to the influential field of psychoanalysis. It’s a fascinating look into the world of the subconscious-and the human mind.

Book Reviews


Discredited3 star

This book reads like you did drugs and got hit by a truck. Can’t say I hate it but it’s not good.35

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Jjjj m2 star

F j b jo u25


Fantastic5 star

Great book55

Daddy's Clouds

Junk Theory1 star

Freud’s psychobabble has been thoroughly discredited, especially now with all of the advancements achieved in the scientific study of the human brain and how it works. You should read this only for entertainment value, and it doesn’t possess very much of that.15


Enjoyed reading Freud ,because he is one of the best psychologists .5 star

The book has a lot of insight and information that people can use to decipher there dreams .55


Gross1 star

This guys has problems15


Lost interest1 star

I lost interest in this books after a few pages it felt like it was rehearsing the same thing over and over without actually getting to the point read for yourself15


Go5 star

Sure why not55


Not what I expected2 star

I picked out this book based on the fact that it was a classic and that I wanted to learn more about this subject matter. The book was a very dry, hard read. Every once in a while there would be something really interesting followed by page upon page of what felt like Freud’s stream of consciousness which was at times difficult to follow.25

writer of pulp fiction

Dream Psychology3 star

Good read!35

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