Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro

Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro Summary

Ever wanted to know how the pros really eliminate consumer debt. Well now is your chance to find out. With proven techniques and tips, debt expert Steve Rhode shows you how to dig your way out of debt.

Book Reviews

Francisville Hottie

Worth the Money5 star

This book was practical, insightful, and humorous. Easy read that I got through in an evening the first pass. Remember to go back through and actually do the prescribed exercises!55


Solid Advice!5 star

This is a great book and great place to start. Steve uses real world situations that almost anyone with debt can relate to. Whether you owe $500 or $50,000 I suggest starting here with this book.55


Nothing new2 star

Basic common sense stuff you can find on the internet. Nothing new.25

Billythe Ramboy

Debt restructure5 star

Mr Rhodes' book is very much to the point. I think his book gave me a new view on debt and how to get out of it55

Get out of debt

Get out of debt5 star

Good book to help you "get real" and good practical ideas to help you create a budget and get out of debt.55


Eliminate your debt3 star

Mostly a repetition of everything that's been disseminated on tv and the Internet. Nothing really new or a revelation.35


Eliminate Debt3 star

Basic information offered in humor. Some practical tips.35


Get out of debt review5 star

Steve's book was truly enlightening. It gave me hope that I can get through these tough times.55


Dry, Unhelpful info.1 star

Will not help you at all. First 2/3 of the book and im giving up. The advice is less than common sense and dry. He badically just tried to fill up a book. Trust me. You will say the same thing after reading. Even though its free its a waste of your time.15


Eliminate Your Debt Like A Pro5 star

Excellent book! Straightforward and to the point noting there is no " quick fix ". Very good real life examples and links to additional information.55

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