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Between these two covers you will find the answer to those questions which touch the very depths of your soul.
Why am I here? Where am I heading? How does one achieve happiness? Can one really find inner-peace? How can the “God” issue be resolved? Is blind faith and the curbing of logic the only road to spiritual nourishment?
The answers given are plain and simple. All that is required to benefit is truthfulness with oneself, and unbiased approach, and a sincere quest for guidance. With that, immediately you will see why so many are naturally compelled to accept this message. We invite you to contemplate the matter for yourself...

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What did I just read?2 star

In the beginning it was good, when you keep on going, it gets bad. The writer actually thought we as readers are stupid because they repeat over and over and over again like four or five or maybe 20 pages of the same stuff. They also added things that does not even pertain to the Bible because the Bible and the Koran are the same book it is just written differently how they protect the story. What bothers me about some of the parts of the Quran is the fact that it tells you to beat your wife but don’t kill her. This part was added this is not in the original Quran. Stop selling and distributing false hoods to people because this is ridiculous crap if you’re going to put out things like this then there’s no point of you writing a book. Tell the truth and stop putting falseness it even says it in your own book not to write falseness is against religion.25

CS Student 1

As a Muslim, This translation is a Lie. Insulting to True Muslims1 star

I read the first Surah, and how can you say the jews and christians are astray, the real quran says in verse 3:3 the torah and gospel of jesus are books of God and includes the Sabians are believers as well, meaning jews and christians are believers and brought the original message BEFORE the quran PER the authentic quran. Thank God it cannot be changed in arabic. The translator of this book is is a lier, and defaming God’s words. Obviously is not a true muslim. Stick to Mustafa Khattab version, it’s the most literal if you’re looking for a good English translation. My grandma memorized the Quran in its original language, arabic, as we are Syrian background and muslim. She has said it’s all accurate what I read on 3:3 and that it is a continuation of the original message brought by Abraham (Jews), and Jesus (Christians). How can this book be made when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Quran and say they are astray. Anyone with common sense would know this book is a lie to inspire hate between brothers and sisters and with a connection to God would know. Don’t believe me, learn arabic and read the original which cannot be changed thank God.15

Spanish Moor

I love this book5 star

I’m a Catholic of Spanish moor and Sephardic Jew heritage.... This is a beautiful book .. that has gave me a understanding of my heritage..55

Voracious Reader123

Respect5 star

Although I am not a muslim, there are still wonderful insights in this. Actually, almost all religious texts have great insights, no matter your beliefs. And even if you don’t believe it, you should still respect those who do.55

Ahmed Sahel

Errors1 star

Not an accurate translation. I read no further than the Fatiha, the most recited verse in prayer, and saw in brackets things that have no place in the Quran. As Muslims we are to respect all faiths, just as we we want all faiths to respect us.15


Holy Quran5 star

I love Quran55


Incitement for Hate1 star

Incites for Hate and offensive because it contains personal opinions and understandings which are wrong and not mentioned in the real version of Quran.15


Accurate5 star

The brackets are NECESSARY since there are words that don’t exist in English in the Arabic language, as well as CONTEXT and the TAFSIR which is referred to by other reviewers. This is an amazing and very accurate translation of the Quran. Good step in trying to understand the beliefs of the Islamic religion and the highlighting and notes feature in iBooks is great for if you have a question on a specific section so you can look into it later and not assume that it is the author’s opinion. Please. It’s called research. Do read this translation! Interpret it after without biases from other people and their religions.55

abdul hamid3

Mash Allah5 star

Allah is the greatest55


First Search Result Not Always The Best, Stars Not Always Indicative of Quality1 star

This was the first result I had when searching for a basic Qur'an. It also had 4 stars, as many as the first 4 or 5 other results from my search, but once I started reading, I was distracted by these very judgmental, racist comments in parentheses, and I wondered, "Is this REALLY what the Qur'an says?!" So, I looked for another one and was more careful about reading for a book description that touted accuracy and direct translation with a translator with relevant credentials.15

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