Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Summary

Instagram. Facebook. Snapchat. They are are the largest social networks in the world and everyone is scrambling to find out how to take advantage of these digital platforms to increase brand awareness. Brands and companies are using digital media more than ever before and Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are powerful marketing tools to engage large audiences and boost revenues. This book is the ultimate marketing guide that is filled with tips & strategies to increase audience engagement, brand awareness, and revenues through digital marketing!

Book Reviews


Engaging and helpful4 star

Read this short book and enjoyed it. It’s now over 5 years past it’s initial release so much of the content is out of date but the authors style of writing is easy and engaging. As a solopreneur, I got several valuable nuggets out of it.45


Good5 star

Great book, has some good insight on social media marketing55


An Amazing Inside Look at Digital Marketing5 star

Faiz's book is a wonderful and informative look at using digital marketing. This is a resource for all ages on using social media websites such as Instagram. I feel like I have learned so much more about using digital marketing is an age that is changing everyday in the usage of technology. Download this book is it worth it!!!55

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Great for social media marketers!5 star

This book is simply to the point. Easy to understand and not complex. Overall I think this is a great marketing guide!55


Good Job, Faiz Aly!5 star

The author does a great job highlighting the basics of social media. It's simple, yet to the point.55


great simple guide to digital marketing!5 star

this book was a very useful intro into digital marketing!55


Simply amazing5 star

The perfect way to develop building a digital self brand55


Fantastic!5 star

Simple to read and comprehend. The author does a fantastic job with tutorials and information that can not only help marketers, but people of all different lines of work when it comes to branding.55


Excellent Book!5 star

An excellent, informative book that covers many aspects of marketing! It was worth reading and learned so much in this book about social media.55


Nafees Wadsariya5 star

This book is without a doubt the most amazing thing you can find for marketing and social media studies. I learned so many facts that I couldn't see in any other book. Faiz Aly (Author) did a spectacular job with this book and jam packed it with facts to keep you reading.55

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