Everyone Can Create Music

Everyone Can Create Music Summary

Everyone Can Create is for everyone — both beginners and experienced artists alike. The activities and projects encourage you to express yourself, develop your creative confidence, and reveal undiscovered abilities.  
Each chapter of Everyone Can Create Music takes you through a series of fun activities to help you acquire key skills and build a final project. Here’s what you’ll learn how to make in this guide:

• A short podcast
• Your own drumbeat
• An instrumental song
• Your own remix
• An original composition

Book Reviews


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Music is passion a Music is passion and dream..This is wonderful nd dream..This is wonderful5 star

Music is passion and dream..This is wonderful55


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Fantastic for any music novice and music educators5 star

In my twelve years of teaching music in public schools I haven never found a better resource than this book and would highly recommend to any music educator. Song composition and arranging can often be intimidating to teach and also a struggle to learn. Simply put, this book breaks down music into a simplified way that allows for the student to be successful and engaged immediately. The activities are cohesive, thoughtful, and differentiated while also allowing students to learn 21st Century skills. Additionally, this book may be the best advocacy tool music educators have. Students are engaging in literacy skills, practicing collaboration and critical thinking, and applying multiple mathematical principles through learning how to compose music. Congrats to the Apple to team and thank you for this resource!55


Enjoyable and informative5 star

This book covers a lot of ground. They go pretty deep into the process for writing music and the different tools and techniques that can be used. I feel like I could actually produce a decent song with this info!55


Great reading!5 star

Awesome. Great information. Completely and pleasantly surprised!55


A Great Way to Learn Music Fundamentals5 star

This book was awesome! I had a great time learning about music fundamentals and remixing one of my favorite songs. I was very disappointed when I finished, and hope there are many more in this series.55


Amazing!!5 star

This book is so easy to follow along with and does an amazing job of teaching the process of creating music. Also, so cool to hear & learn bits from Justin Timberlake himself!!55


Another Home Run From Apple5 star

I was blown away by how amazingly easy this book is to follow. I don’t have a musical bone in my body but it was fun to play and follow along with my 9 year old nephew. Having Justin Timberlake featured in the book with a song that all ages can enjoy was a welcomed surprise. Thank you Apple and Justin Timberlake for partnering on this great initiative. This definitely makes creating music more accessible to everyone.55

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