Exercise and Physiology

Exercise and Physiology Summary

This book is a collaboration to provide a head start for the beginner and warn them of pitfalls and roads to take in an attempt to shorten the trial and error process that the beginner typically goes through when developing interest in exercise. A combination of a scientific approach and a collection of past experiences, this book will provide the beginner information on all things exercise and physiology.

Book Reviews


A great read.5 star

The book was very informative and answered all my question I didn’t know I had. I’ve been working out for a couple of years now. This really refreshed my mind and got me in the right track again.55

Meep de Vop

Science and Planning4 star

Great scientific explanation of biological circumstances. Great layouts for planning workouts by showing established routines. The only thing I disliked was that the workouts labeled as meant for beginners don’t actually seem to be. I can’t imagine do a pull-up as a beginner, much less multiple sets of them. So you’ll have to find newbie-er workouts than the ones provided if you don’t feel like you can survive 10 pull-ups.45


The Title is Innacurate1 star

An essay more of opinion, instead of a look at the evidence-based science of human physiology. If it gets someone moving, then it's brilliant.15


Basic info3 star

It has some good basic information if you're a beginner.35


Solid book5 star

Wish I could of read this when I first start d working out.55

Bob Rossy

Corrections3 star

I found a decent amount of grammatical errors as I was reading the book. It kind of bothered me a bit. Other than that, solid book.35

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