Famous Indian Recipes

Famous Indian Recipes Summary

The Five Recipes shared in this Book are some of the most famous food in India. The recipes given are Vegetarian, truly Indian, very close to widely accepted flavors, and this is the first step in celebrating the Indian flavors, my way, and I have tried to simplify the procedure, breaking out the whole recipe into easy steps. The ingredients used are generally found in India and abroad.

Book Reviews

manasi rao 🥳🥳🤩🤪

Okqy4 star

Because need more longer45

Lara Rebooted

Minimal and clumsy2 star

Two things get in the way of this book being enjoyable -- the poorly-done interface which makes navigating through the recipes a chore, and the sheer lack of recipes. There are, in fact, only five recipes, none of which appealed to me or belonged to the Indian cuisine I particularly enjoy. The fact that it's a chore to get around in such a tiny book speaks volumes on its own. This is definitely a case of "you get what you pay for."25


5 Stars if Longer!!4 star

This cookbook is quite detailed and has wonderful illustrations and step by step guides...can't wait to try some of these! Just would have liked to see more recipes in this one.45

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